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KIKK festival is curated by Superbe & Dogstudio

The Festival

KIKK is an international festival of creativity in digital cultures that explores the economic and artistic implications of new technologies.

It's a mix of technology, visual arts, music, architecture, design and interactive media. The program includes conferences, workshops, an exhibition, a market and a party with live performances. 

There is no expert who can deny the deep mutations going on in our society over the last decades. Our world is changing, quickly and on global scale. Every day new processes, new concepts and new techniques are born. 

Our beacons are washed away and this is continually speeding up more and more. The trend nowadays consists of no-trend: always moving on change. We must adapt to this, anticipate, continually. The economic atmosphere is no exception to this: the companies who survive are those who manage to integrate these new principles and create opportunities of them. The KIKK was born within this context. It is profiled as a panel of the best offerings in the field of economical and artistic innovations. It aims at planting the seed of creativity in the core business of companies and in the heart of the public, in order to guide them into our new, heterogeneous, digital world.

Our Story

The festival started in 2011. The first edition of KIKK attracted more than 1500 people who came to Palais des Congrès, Namur, Belgium, on November 24 & 25. KIKK organized a second edition on Nov. 8 & 9, 2012 with 3000 attendees from 23 different countries and a third one on Nov. 7-8, 2013 with 3.500 people from more than 40 countries. In three years KIKK has become an established event in the field of new media art and creative technologies. Still a young festival but already attracting a broad international audience thanks to a rich and sharp program. 

The festival finds its expression in the encounter with the world of digital entrepreneurship and business, embodied by Dogstudio and Superbe – a new company dedicated to interactive technologies born from the association between the directors of Dogstudio and two artists active in digital arts. 

Past Editions

KIKK 2012

KIKK 2013
“Next Utopia”

KIKK 2012

KIKK 2012
“travel in the direction of your fears”

KIKK 2011

KIKK 2011

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