Hour and date
The 06th at 16:10

Namur Theatre - Main Hall

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Daily Tous les Jours New Media Studio

Daily tous les jours is a design studio with a focus on participation, empowering people to have a place in the stories that are told around them. They create collective experiences.
They come from the fields of interaction design and narrative environments. They research new ways to interact and tell stories, designing large scale projects that impact cities down to tiny ones that fit inside a pocket. Their projects bring magic to everyday places, behaviours and objects, inviting the public to become active contributors in the process and the outcome. These experiences take many forms: urban interventions and planning, exhibitions, products, spatial design, events, software applications, film.
Their work has recently won the Best in Show at the Interaction Design Awards 2013 as well as the Grand Prize of the Shenzen Design Awards.

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