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The 06th at 20:00

Grand Manège

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Lucrecia Dalt LIVE

Lucrecia Dalt dove into music full-time after working briefly as a civil engineer in Colombia – her pursuit of avant-garde sound brought her to Spain and then to Germany, where she currently resides. While highly technical, Dalt’s music maintains a profound emotionality, merging accessible, traditional songwriting with experimental electronics, handcrafted effects and sampling.

In recent years, Dalt has collaborated with Medellín’s Series Media Collective, Berlin’s F.S. Blumm and Gudrun Gut, and L.A.-based musician Julia Holter, and performed at music festivals Worldtronics, Sónar, Red Bull Music Academy in New York, and Le Guess Who?. After several underground releases, in 2012 Dalt debuted her first LP, Commotus, on L.A.-based Human Ear Music, a label known for backing genre-bending experimentalists Ariel Pink and Julia Holter – the title of the album fittingly translates to “woken,” “agitated” or “disturbed,” reflecting the music’s ability to seamlessly, almost-cinematically shift in mood, from minimal and ethereal to multi-layered and wild. Dalt stuck with the label for 2013’s Syzygy, which like Commotus embraces elements of composition and live improv, usually involving Dalt’s own voice as well as samples from film and nature recordings.


Dalt appears live at KIKK Party organized in collaboration with Beautés Soniques

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