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The 06th at 14:30

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Ninja Jamm

Introducing himself and his work with Coldcut and Ninja Tune- recognised as pioneers in the areas of sampling, DJing and audiovisual club art -Matt explains the evolution of these forms into todays electronic music and art landscape. He will demonstrate the latest incarnation of his software ideas, the iOS remix app Ninja Jamm. Participants are then invited to work with Matt to create a custom 'Tunepack', ie make a tune in the Ninja Jamm interactive music format, from their own materials which can be existing audio compiled prior to the workshop  and also fresh material recorded in the workshop on the day e.g. workstation clip creation, or live 'on the spot' recordings of beatboxing, percussion, singing.


At the conclusion of the workshop, Matt will demonstrate a short performance jamming on the workshop's Tunepack, either using Ableton or from iPad.


The Tunepack is made available as a free deliverable downloadable outcome for the participants to jamm with, use, improve and distribute (on a share-alike basis) after the workshop. Contributors to the Tunepack understand that their clips become 'Open Source' by being contributed to the Tunepack. Contributors are credited within the pack.

The Ableton Live set used to build the Tunepack is also made available as an outcome.


Participants should bring their own music making devices to the workshop. These could be laptops, smartphones, tablets, acoustic instruments, small synths, circuit bent toys, etc. Because recording and editing new clips (=audio samples) can be a lengthy process,  it is expected for each participant to bring at least one preprepared clip to contribute to the pack. 

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