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The 06th at 17:00

Notre-Dame d'Harscamp Church

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Portée/ Lab212

Minimalist, monumental and interactive unfold of a music score in space. 

2014 — Electroluminescent thread, electronic, piano Disklavier Yamaha DC6XE3PRO.


Portée/ is a collective multi-sensorial experience. Through a poetic wandering visitors of the church are invited to explore the spacial & interactive qualities of music. When they touch and trigger vibrations of luminous threads tensed inside the church, the notes associated to each thread are played on an electro-mecanic grand piano.  




Authors : Cyril Diagne, Béatrice Lartigue - Collectif Lab212


Exclusive partner : Yamaha 


Musical composition : Chapelier Fou - Ici, d’ailleurs… 


Thank you to: Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Marie du Chastel, Francois Chasseur, Anne Bister, Louis Warynski, Eric Bichon, Stéphane Grégoire, Sylvie Bekdouche, Yamaha.

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