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The 06th at 10:00

Beffroi Gallery

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Adam Magyar Stainless & Urban Flow

Born in Budapest, Adam Magyar lives and works in Berlin.

The images were captured with a self-developed digital slit-scan camera. The technique is most commonly used to take photo finishes. Artists have been experimenting with this technique since the 60's. After Adam had chosen this technique he worked hard to make strict and thought-out compositions to bring it to a different level, give a new meaning to it and create high-quality prints. Through the years he has acquired this technique and learnt to see with the eye of the camera. He also studied the rhythms of cities to give as little chance to coïncidence as possible.


He lets life pass in front of the camera, lets like itself create its stunningly exquisite patterns with man's daily race in focus in an urban environment city a finish line and ranks.



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